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Sunbury Residents Association Inc

The Residents Association is made up a group of local community members dedicated to enhancing the facilities and services in our local community.

  • This '4 Sunbury ' website is an initiative of SRA to engage with members of the Sunbury community.
  • SRA is developing opportunities for local residents to express their thoughts on Infrastructure and services they believe are needed for our community.
  • SRA also promotes activites via its facebook page. Pleas e follow us.
  • Keep an eye on our local council projects. Council Projects
  • Keep an eye on our local council Community Grant Oportunities via the council website


SRA events.

  • Kinder Trees

    In 2022 the State Government initiated a Sunbury & Bulla Neighbourhood Fund designed to support the local communities, acknowledging the temporary disruption to the local area while soil is being transported during tunnel boring.
    SRA successfully applied for a grant to provide a small shrub/tree to every child in kinder in Sunbury to encourage families to help 'Green Sunbury'. These seedlings will be delivered during Octoer and November 2023 to some 21 Kinders across the 3429 postcode.


The SRA has a number of initiatives it is presently engaged in:

Sunbury Station Lifts

SRA is keen to see lifts added to the Sunbury Railway Station to provide accessible access for all users. Sunbury is one of the last stations on the Met Sunbury Line to have this feature and it would resolve many issues for local residents. Watch out for our upcoming petition. Whilst this is a State Government investment we request our local council to advocate on our behalf.Sign our petition Petition

Keep an eye out for our upcoming petition

Sunbury Bus Services

SRA is keen to see Bus Services urgently reviewed to support residents being able to move around our community freely and in a timely manner. Whilst this is a State Government investment we request our local council to continue advocate on our behalf.

Westgate Tunnel Toxic Soil

Now the decision has been made SRA along with other community groups will be working to ensure the highest possible safeguards are in place and that regular and open reporting of activity is maintained.

Refer Ecohub and Hi-Quality for updates from Hi-Qualtiy.

Railway Crossing Removal

SRA worked o obtain and share information of the plans for the project so that the cmmunity is aware of the impact on everyday activities including local traffic, business and parking etc for the duration of the project.

Refer to the Big Build Website for further updates.

Bus Stops

There are a number of bus stops across the town that are without appropriate shelters for passengers.


The new station CarPark is now well underway and SRA was vocal in support for this initiative commencing after seemingly many years of delay.

Sunbury Bulla Road Tip

EPA worked with EPA and other community groups to provide updates on the timing of the recitifcation works along Sunbury Bulla Road.

Sunbury Ashes Museum and Community Information Centre

SRA participated in many Council lead forums on requirements for a relocated George Evans Museum and bringing the collections back into public access.

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